Friday, April 12, 2013

Old school

Well this has been a little depressing hasn’t it? Sorry. Minneapolis looks so pretty in the old photographs. Maybe it’s because they were on film. It’s a more charitable medium - I can’t deny that. So I thought I’d share some of my film shots of the city. 

The twin cities are often described as unwelcoming to newcomers.

But they're also a place where people are "nice."

Actually they're just like anywhere else these days– you got your roads, you got your buildings. Fact is, our best computers can hardly tell the difference. Midwestern exceptionalists, please give it a rest. 

But we are known for our downtown Skyway system, a privately owned network of hallways that the public is allowed to walk through at certain hours of the day.

A dumpster runneth over. Franklin St.

Artificial baby. 5th St. NE

Architectural feature, Downtown

Car wash, Lowry Ave. NE

I'm sure this was an innocent mixup. Cedar Ave S.

Snow day, 2nd St. NE

Foreboding clown, 14th Ave S. 

Flash flood, Monroe st. NE underpass

Surveillance, 5th Ave. (I think)

Crotch grab, Lake st. 

Bus ride, Hennepin Ave.

Bus stop, 9th St.

Santa trucker, Lowry Ave. NE

Gas station, France Ave.

Little establishment, Northeast.

Young people making a go of it. 
Well, so much for this colorful diversion. Next time, more bags.


  1. Love this. It should be a children's book.

  2. Good eye, guy. And those winter shots make me shiver in a heat wave.