Thursday, February 28, 2013

Winter in South Minneapolis

Units on 3rd Ave. & 38th St.

Noise wall

Big icicle, Bloomington Ave.

Pink plastic

White house, Chicago Ave.

Church, Bloomington Ave.

Portland Market

Contusion in the chain-link over 35W, 38th St.

1st Ave. S & 31st St.

Car-crash debris

Accidente de Auto

Nude bush, 1st Ave. & Lake

Keep your fingers crossed

Car wash

K-Mart birds

Garbage blanket

Green Unit, Blaisdell Ave.

Green Unit

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A tour of the Hiawatha Light Rail Corridor

Office on 24th St.
Hiawatha Ave. exit ramp onto Cedar Ave.

New construction at 24th st.

28th st.  For Lease - 952-465-3200

Police camera


Noise wall

No stopping

United States Army Reserve Center





Join our frequent parker bonus program

Empty lot

Office building

Parking ramp

End of the line

Courtesy of Edward Hopper

If what the world sees on the outside...


Kissy face

Red lights

Think Happy

Lonely car

Ikea? I'm not sure.